Bedford Cottages – Warmer and Healthier

Bedford Cottages – Warmer and Healthier

bedford-cottage-1Many of our homes across the area are old, and not very energy efficient, and it can be frustrating to feel as though your heat is having little benefit. Understanding the best way to improve older homes can be confusing. Who to talk to? Who best to do the work? Does planning need to be involved? This is particularly true of the area’s 300+ Bedford Cottages.

TEC are working with West Devon Borough Council and Plymouth University on an innovative project to understand the best ways of enhancing the Bedford Cottages across the area to make them more comfortable and reduce heating costs.

If you live in a Bedford Cottage we’d love to hear from you. Come and chat to us in Local Matters community space, contact Peter Smith at 077 078 77702 or by email: or come along to our Energy Fair on Sat. Oct 15th when you can have a chat to Peter and other experts.

Here’s a document to download to learn more about the project.

You can find out more about the history of Bedford Cottages here.


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