Okehampton Energy & Retrofit
Fair 2022

Ockment Centre
Saturday 22nd October 

With ever increasing energy prices, now may seem a good time to consider options within your home and/or business for addressing energy efficiency … and retrofitting to improve the buildings performance, cost of heating and levels of comfort.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first Okehampton Energy & Retrofit Fair  in the Ockment Centre on Saturday Oct. 22nd from 10:00 until 14:00.

This is a free, family friendly event, suitable for all ages.

We will also be joined by Lendology


Saturday 22nd October

ockment Centre, Okehampton

We’ll have a mixture of fun activities, advice stands and displays providing information about how to retrofit your home, business or organisation, make them more energy efficient, warm and comfortable; how to reduce your energy bills; generate your own energy; and what you can do to reduce your carbon impact and do ‘your bit’ to progress towards net zero.

Open Homes network

We’ll also have a display of our Open Homes network featuring householders who have undertaken their own projects and are happy to share their experiences and lessons learnt, good and bad.


Activities will include one or two family challenges.

You can buy competitively priced LED bulbs; and have a breather and enjoy a drink and home-made cake from our refreshment stand at our energy cafe.

Activities for children … and adults include

  • What is watt?
  • How energetic are you?



Advisors & Displays

We’ll have our own advisors on hand to share their knowledge with you and our informationm displays for you to browse.


If you’d like to exhibit, or help us out and volunteer on the day, OR YOU’D LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT US please get in touch.