Climate Emergency into Positive Action

Fifty people joined us on the evening of Fri. 6th March at the Lower Deck Cafe.

Thanks to everyone who came along, got involved and our speakers.

Find out more and join the discussion. It’s our future.

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Keeping Warm and Well

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Warmer Bedford Cottages

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Live in a Bedford Cottage? Get involved and fill in our survey here.

The Power in Your Hands

Total Power in W and its Carbon Intensity (g/CO2) – used by the residents, and St. Peter’s School, on 3rd March 2019.

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South West Best Community Energy Initiative

Tamar Energy Community has won the South West Best Community Energy Initiative at the Green Energy Awards 2017. This is for our Community Solar Initiative. We’re absolutely delighted.

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Tamar Energy Community is a not for profit, community owned social enterprise run by our members.

We localise energy.

We provide independent energy advice and support, develop community owned renewable energy projects, and are working to understand how local people can gain greater benefit from the changing energy market.

Addressing the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and how we can Build Back Better is at the core of our work.

We welcome your support in helping us achieve this together.

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What’s New

‘Virtual’ Home Energy Visits

Andy, Mozza and Jeff. Three of TEC’s independent energy advisers

We’re now offering virtual home visits and phone advice.  If you’re concerned about your energy costs, home heating, home comfort, find out more here.

Community Solar Share Offer Open

Our Community Solar Roofs Share Offer is now open.

From just £250 local people can support community-owned, low-carbon energy generation whilst targeting a financial return of up to 5%, subject to the risks set out in the share offer document.

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