Community Solar

Community Solar

Installing at Mount Kelly Prep

community-solar-sun-community-solarWe’re celebrating the fourth year of our Community Solar investment and generation across the Tamar Valley with our Community Solar Share Offer. We’d like to see wider community ownership in our Solar Roofs portfolio. More about our Share Offer here.

Our Host Sites

Working with local organisations we’ve installed 325kW of community owned solar PV across six sites.

Click here to see a graph of the latest generation.

Why is Community Solar Important

The installations are owned by our community, and are managed and maintained by Tamar Energy Community (TEC).

Community solar brings many benefits to our community and local economy:

  • Our host sites benefit from reduced cost electricity. As community generators a proportion of their energy needs are generated locally from renewable sources which is good for our planet, and they can promote the benefits of renewables to their stakeholders. We can also work with them to reduce their energy usage in other ways as well.
  • Our local community has the opportunity to invest in, and co-own the installation by purchasing community shares, and receive a fair rate of return.
  • The money which would otherwise have been paid by host sites (for their solar energy) to national and international energy companies is paid to TEC, a community benefit society, and retained in the local economy.
  • Any surplus from our community solar goes into our Community Energy Fund and is used to alleviate fuel poverty across the area.


Kate Royston, TEC’s Community Solar project developer: “We’re immensely proud that we’ve been able to get our first community generation projects off the ground and into the grid! It’s been hard work but very worthwhile and we look forward to developing more power and heat projects in the future”.


Funding the project

We’d particularly like to thank our local Community Solar Seed Loan investors who loaned us £118,000 to help make sure everything was installed in time and Cornwall’s Low Carbon Society who loaned us £285,000.


Community Solar Share Offer

We launched our Community Solar Share offer on Sept 14th 2020. The funding we raise will be used to pay back the Low Carbon Society Loan and our Community Solar Seed Loan investors … and ensure wider community ownership. If you are interested in the opportunity to invest please read more here.


Making our Community Solar possible

Our Community Solar project would not have been possible without the help of our valued installers Sungift Energy and ZLC Energy, our legal support from Bright Solicitors, the work of our volunteers, grants from the Devon County Council and Regen Accelerator Programme and importantly our Rural Community Energy Fund Grant of £20,000. This enabled us to work with our consultants from Communities for Renewables and Plymouth Energy Community; and of course our investors.


To find out more about the project, our share offer, and to see how much we’re generating email us at or call on 07969 569 444.