Green Homes Grants

The Government has announced a £2bn investment in ‘Green Homes Grants’ to help private householders make their homes more thermally efficient and reduce bills.

The details of the scheme are still very unclear, and although it is due to start in September 2020, a launch date is still to be announced.

At Tamar Energy Community (TEC) we see a role in providing advice to householders, but do not forsee TEC being part of the delivery supply chain. We would advice any customers interested in this offer to register their interest with us here.

TEC will be working, together with other community energy groups across Devon, to better understand the scheme, application processes and related administration, and the accredited suppliers able to deliver the measures in your home.

As soon as TEC has enough information to provide further guidance we will be in touch and we will contact you to let you know when applications open.

These schemes can be complicated and we will not be able to provide one to one advice to every interested household across our area. In order to give you the information you need, we intend to organise one, or several, online meeting(s) to provide guidance in an accessible format.