Dress smart, not pretty!

This current cold spell has been named the ‘Troll from Trondheim’; and on Radio 4 on Sunday a resident of Trondheim in Norway explained that the way to beat the chill is to ‘dress smart, not pretty’ to help keep you warm and cosy.

Dressing for the season was the norm before widespread adoption of central heating systems within homes. This is a practice which many seem to have forgotten or consider unnecessary.

It’s common practice in cold outdoor environments to ‘layer up’, and this is equally as important indoors as outdoors, particularly when it is very cold outside.

You may be surprised at how much more comfortable you feel with some additional layers.

Layering up your clothes

Start with thermal underwear: a long-sleeved thermal top and thermal leggings or long johns.

For your top half, ideally next a rollneck jumper or similar to keep the neck area cosy, followed by a jumper/hoody, then ideally a sleeveless vest top/gilet (zipped is good) to keep the body core extra warm. You can top off with a fleece jacket.

For your bottom half a pair of warm trousers (fleece is excellent); and if you’re still chilly, add an additional pair of trousers.

Feet, hands and head

Keep your feet, hands and head warm as well as your core.

Thick thermal socks (e.g. heat warmers) on top of your normal socks work well; and a pair of fingerless gloves will keep your hands warm whilst still enabling you to use them.

Top off with a warm hat like a beanie.

If you don’t have enough warm clothes or you’re concerned about keeping warm enough please get in touch with us at Tamar Energy Community on 0800-233-5414 or email hello@tamarenergycommunity.com.

If you’re warm enough and not wearing a jumper indoors, we suggest you help the power grid which is struggling to meet demand at the moment, and your pocket, by turning it down and adding some layers!

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