The Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP) – free energy visits for residents

Tamar Energy Community and West Devon Borough Council are getting behind a new pilot project to help local residents save energy and money in their homes.

The Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP) provides residents with a free home visit from a trained energy adviser who provides advice and support to make the home as energy efficient as possible.

During the home visit the adviser will have a chat with you, check you’re on the best energy deal, provide energy saving tips and make any necessary referrals for insulation or heating improvements.

The adviser can also make on the spot improvements by fitting measures such as draught proofing and LED light bulbs. A referral can also be made, if agreed, for advice on income maximisation (e.g. benefit checks).

Tamar Energy Community and South Dartmoor Community Energy (S. Hams) are actively providing energy saving advice to residents across West Devon and the South Hams. The LEAP scheme supports our aims, and those of West Devon Borough Council and S. Hams District Council, to reduce fuel poverty, look at options for more affordable energy and help people live in warmer, healthier homes.

Kate Royston from Tamar Energy Community: “The great thing about this scheme is that the eligibility criteria to receive a home visit are very broad. The scheme is open to anyone who is in any of the following categories:

  • people who rent or own their homes
  • those in receipt of benefits and on low incomes (below £16,190)
  • anyone who has a health problem that is affected by the cold
  • those who have a physical or sensory disability
  • people who are carers, are pregnant or who have children under 5 in the home.

We urge local residents to act now before winter arrives!”

To find out if you qualify for a LEAP home visit, or for any other energy advice, give us a call 0800-233-5414, call into Local Matters in Elbow Lane, Tavistock (11:00 to 13:00 Mon. to Sat.) and we can discuss the support we can offer.

Alternatively you can contact Project LEAP directly by calling 0800 060 7567 or visit the project website

The LEAP scheme is provided by AgilityEco alongside local councils and voluntary sector groups. It is funded by energy suppliers as part of the Warm Home Discount Industry Initiatives fund. It was launched in Devon at the start of the year. We are keen that as many people in West Devon and South Hams are able to benefit from this scheme.

Local organisations who work with vulnerable clients are urged to help raise awareness of the scheme and to refer people for support through LEAP using the website On applying to the scheme residents will have a home visit from LEAP within a couple of weeks at a convenient time and date for them.

Find out more about LEAP here.

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