Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP)

The LEAP scheme is provided by AgilityEco alongside a number of partner organisations, including Tamar Energy Community. It is funded by energy suppliers as part of the Warm Home Discount Industry Initiatives fund.

It’s delivered in close partnership with Local Authorities and Housing Associations, including West Devon Borough Council and other local authorities in Devon through the Cosy Devon Partnership

How does LEAP work?

LEAP home visits are available to eligible households. You can check your eligibility here, or download our LEAP Visit Eligibity Factsheet


As a householder you can get in touch yourself by calling Tamar Energy Community on 0822-233-5414, or you can call LEAP on 0800 060 7567.

If you’re are a front-line organisation and would like to refer refer eligible and vulnerable local residents who are in (or at risk of falling into) fuel poverty, fuel debt or underheating their property, for example, you can call us, contact LEAP directly on 0800 060 7567 or visit the LEAP website https://applyforleap.org.uk and send a referral online.

You can call us at Tamar Energy Community to discuss whether you qualify for a LEAP home visit, or for any other energy advice. Call 0800-233-5414 or email us (hello@tamarenergycommunity.com) and we can chat about the support we can offer.


Home Energy Visits

A trained LEAP Home Energy Adviser carries out a home visit. This includes a thorough assessment of the home and easy measures including:

  • installing a range of simple measures (radiator panels, LED light bulbs, draughtproofing for doors, windows and letterboxes, cylinder jackets, pipe lagging)

  • providing energy efficiency advice and training on the use of heating controllers

  • organising the installation of a new heating controller where it is inadequate or broken

  • identifying larger energy efficiency measures that would improve the property where ECO funding is available (arranged after the visit)

  • looking at the potential for savings from switching energy supplier and helps the resident to switch if required

  • checking whether the resident wants income maximisation advice and organising this

  • identifying other hazards and vulnerabilities in the home and making the referral onto the appropriate department or agency.

Income Maximisation

If appropriate, the householder is then referred on into an income maximisation service which is delivered  by telephone. This involves a comprehensive review of the household’s finances and circumstances to see:

  • what extra income can be unlocked through benefits, tax credits, charitable grants

  • what bill reductions can be found through budgeting advice and energy and water bill support

  • what debt advice is needed to help deal with debts.

Then follows tailored support to ensure the realisation of increased income, reduced bill and engagement with the debt advice process.